How to get a subsidy on the purchase of a satellite phone

A substantial area of the Australian land falls outside the terrestrial mobile network areas, for those who live or travel to such areas, communication becomes a huge problem! Since the terrestrial mobile networks are not equipped to offer them service in such remote areas, the people are left with no option, other than to purchase a satellite phone. But, despite their inconvenience, most people cannot purchase such phones, mainly because they are very expensive.

To rid them of their communication problem and to help those people enjoy the benefits of connectivity, the Australian Government has introduced a subsidy plan for those willing to purchase a satellite phone. Applying for the subsidy and getting it approved, can help the citizens of Australia, save up to $1000 dollars while buying a satellite phone!

The Satellite-Phone Subsidy Scheme was first implemented by the Australian government in 2002, and is planned to expire on the 30 June 2014. Under this scheme, individuals, small businesses, indigenous corporations, educational centres,health care organisations as well as community groups that operate beyond the network coverage areas, are allowed a substantial subsidy on the purchase of satellite phones. While individuals willing to be a part of the scheme can apply for just one subsidy, small businesses, institutions and community groups can apply for two, while the rest can apply for even more! The amount of subsidy provided under the Satellite-Phone Subsidy Scheme, usually depends on whether a person lives or travels to an area without network coverage. While those who live in such remote areas are allowed a 85% subsidy, those who travel to such areas for work, get only about 50% of the handset cost.
To acquire the subsidy, interested parties first need to fill out a form after reading the Subsidy eligibility and conditions, and then find a registered satellite phone dealer. Once they have found the dealer and chosen the plan they want to opt for, they can then submit their application to the Department of Broadband, and wait for the approval confirmation!

For more information on the Subsidy scheme, those interested, can visit the official website of the Australian Department of Broadcast, Communications and the Digital Economy, and equip themselves with all other necessary information! or rent a satellite phone 

Australian Government Subsidy Scheme – Sat phones