Australian Government Subsidy Scheme – Sat phones

The Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme is an Australian Government initiative to help people living or working outside of terrestrial mobile phone coverage to purchase satellite mobile phones. This subsidy scheme was introduced by the federal government to provide satellite phones to numerous individuals as it became apparent that they were needed especially in the more rural areas of Australia. Under this scheme, funding is provided to increase the affordability of satellite telephones for people living or working in areas that do not have coverage from terrestrial mobile phone networks.

Satellite phone networks use satellites in the orbit around the earth to perform the same function as done by base stations in landline phones. Satellite mobile phone services cover the entire Australian landmass, and also provide network to places outside the land-based network. There are a few different satellite phones available for purchase so it is worth your while to look around and find the one best suited to your needs.

You could be suitable for subsidy if you are currently living in an area that does not have satellite mobile phone coverage, if you are travelling for more than 180 days over a 2 year period and intend on being outside of mobile range, or you are employed for at least three months of the year in an area that has not got phone mobile coverage. While buying a satellite phone under subsidy scheme, you need to find out whether the dealer from whom you are buying is registered for the scheme. For that, you can directly contact the scheme administrator.

Both handheld and non-handheld mobile phones are covered under the subsidy scheme. No subsidies are granted for phones that are already purchased or connected. Getting the subsidy is simple and easy. You just need to find out your eligibility (proof of your residence or business headquarters or an itinery of where you will be travelling), fill the form and apply for it. Once you receive the approval document, you can buy your satellite phone within the given approved time limit.

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